* The initiation and support activities for the promoting of the mutual interests of the FZMAUR members in the relation with the Romanian President, the Romanian Parliament, the Romanian Government, with other public authorities, as well as in the relation with international institutions.

    * The organization of reunions, conferences, debates, round tables, seminars, communication sessions, as well as any other forms that are not contrary to the regulations.

    * The publishing of its own papers or in cooperation with other domestic or foreign entities;

    * The adopting of decisions or resolutions, in accordance with this present Statute.

    * The organization of communication sessions to present scientific papers.

    * The organization of exchanges, instruction and training courses in the country and abroad.

    * The initiation of lobby activities, according to regulations with a view to promoting the interests of public authorities’ and of the local communities’ they represent.

    * Other forms and means set by the General Assembly or by the Board of Directors.